Solar Hot Water Benefits- Solargain

Benefits of solar hot water

Installing a solar hot water system could save hundreds of dollars off your energy bills each year as well as the planet’s precious resources.

Solargain hot water solutions provide up to 80% of your hot water free of charge. Some of the many benefits of solar hot water are:shw-chart

  • A reliable hot water service 24/7
  • An immediate decrease in your power bill
  • An immediate increase in your home’s value
  • Generous solar hot water rebates from the Federal Government
  • A reduction in environmentally harmful emissions

Water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home, accounting for around 23% of household emissions.

Solargain hot water uses clean, renewable energy for a reliable hot water service. There’s the added certainty of a fixed cost for hot water and, if occasionally you use more than your solar hot water system provides, your energy provider’s hot water service makes up the vastly reduced difference.

To enjoy reliable and inexpensive solar hot water on tap, contact a Solargain solar hot water specialist.

It costs nothing to speak to a solar energy specialist.

Call us on 1300 73 93 55 to ask any questions you may have about solar hot water systems for your home. We can send a fully qualified representative to your home for an obligation free assessment and quote.