Direct Memory Access (DMA)

DMA have grown to be one of the largest wholesalers of computer hardware in WA. They are currently the top Microsoft (OEM) and Intel channel partners locally, and are tier one partners with Panasonic. DMA operate 5 days per week from their main office / warehouse.

Their initial concern when looking at a solar PV system was that as they operate only over a 5 day period the production they made on Saturday and Sunday would not be utilised given that there is no buyback arrangement for commercial solar systems in the state in which they operate.

However, several changes occurred during their period of enquiry which over time created an appropriate return on investment for them in spite of consuming around 70% of the power they will generate over the week.

case-studyFinancially, given their current tariff and the projected rises in the cost of energy to come they anticipate the system will have paid for itself in 4-5 years giving them a most satisfactory tax free financial return. DMA are also the freehold owners of the premises in which they operate and understand the value added to the premises an installing the system should they ever seek to sell or lease the premises in the future.

DMA has been happy enough with the quality of product and workmanship with their first system that they have now asked Solargain to assist them in the future with their next system when their building is split into two strata units.

These changes included:

  • The wholesale cost of quality solar panels reduced by 50% in the 2011 calendar year
  • Larger scale commercial inverters have become available in Australia further reducing the system and installation cost
  • Business tariffs having increased by 20% as of 1 July 2011 much more than the residential tariffs increases.

To address their concerns regarding the ever increasing cost of energy DMA installed a 30kW Solargain solar PV system. The system comprises 156 x Solar One Monocrystalline solar panels and 3 SMA 10000TL Tripower 3 Phase inverters. Their roof is pitched and the panels were placed on the most suitable part of the building being the West North West orientation.