Aurora Inverters – Leaders in Tough Tech

Aurora snapshot

Aurora inverters are built tough.

Specifically designed for both efficiency and longevity, Aurora inverters are used by thousands of Australians across the country.

Designed by the world’s second largest inverter manufacturer, Power-One, Aurora inverters are sold globally, but are particularly loved in Australia for their ability to cope with tough Australian conditions.

With over 3,000 global employees and an ambitious company culture, Power-One is well-placed to continue offering industry leading products. This has only been strengthened by the company’s recent merger with power and automation technologies conglomerate ABB.

Aurora PVI Outdoor range

Solargain stocks a diverse range of outdoor Aurora inverter models. The Aurora PVI outdoor range has not only been designed to resist high-temperatures, but works longer throughout the day to take advantage of Australia’s long hours of sunlight.

Other features include:
-Lightweight, slimline design
-Rugged and tough construction
-Dual input section
-Advanced MPPT technology
-Modern LCD display
-True Sine Wave Output

To find out more about Aurora PVI outdoor models, including the PVI-3.0-OUTD, PVI-3.6-OUTD and PVI-4.2-OUTD view the full brochure and specifications.

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