The iStore air-to-energy system is a smarter hot water system, built specifically for Australian conditions, by experts with decades of experience with the unique challenges posed by the Australian climate.

Installing an iStore system in your home can help you drastically reduce your power bill. Far more efficient than traditional hot water systems, especially when combined with a solar PV system, the iStore system allows you to make the most of both your hot water and your rooftop solar energy system, by storing excess solar energy in the form of thermal energy, which is then converted into steaming hot water, ready for use in your home, any time of the day or night.

Regardless of if it is connected to a solar energy system or not, the efficiency of the iStore's dynamic systems can reduce your hot water costs by up to 70%. With heating water often accounting for as much as 25% of an Australian home's energy bill, this represents massive savings. On top of this, the iStore represents a reliable, and cost-effective thermal storage solution, as well as a way for you to reduce your home's carbon emissions. Yearly, the iStore is expected to reduce a home's carbon emissions by as much as 4 tonnes, on top of saving homeowner's up to $1,000 on their annual energy bill.*

iStore systems are available in both a 180L and 270L model, and both can be combined with additional units to scale to match any homes hot water requirements. Learn more about the system on the iStore website.

*Savings are based upon the running costs of an electric storage or 3-star gas storage hot water systems for a family of 4 consuming 200 litres per day for one year when compared to an iStore 270L with PV solar contribution.