JinkoSolar – Powerful, efficient and affordable

Founded in 2006, JinkoSolar is a tier 1 Chinese manufacturer of silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar modules. With over 15,000 employees worldwide and 24 sales offices in 23 countries, they’re the world’s third largest manufacturer of crystalline modules.

JinkoSolar solar cells and solar panels

With power classes up to 270 Wp and efficiency levels as high as 16.6%, JinkoSolar’s 60-cell PV module is one of the most powerful on the market. Their panels, the Eagle Series are the world’s first double 85 certified PID-free module. These panels also enjoy unparalleled performance in high temperatures, making them perfect for the Australian solar market.

JinkoSolar panels are high performers in low and diffuse light conditions, they’re perfect for roofs with challenging orientation. Hotspot free, they provide added protection against power failure and fire, and thanks to low light induced degradation, produce consistently reliable outputs over the module’s lifetime.

Quality, reliability and efficiency

The first Chinese PV manufacturer to receive Q+ certification (a higher certification than the current industry standard), they take quality control and testing seriously. Every cell and module is subjected to stringent quality control tests in their UL certified testing lab and is proven to perform in extreme conditions including tropical humidity, desert heat, coastal salt mist and agricultural ammonia atmospheres. JinkoSolar Australia is a growing presence on the Australian solar market, they have a local subsidiary in Brisbane which delivers in-country sales and technical support to Australian customers.

JinkoSolar solar panels are:

  • Warranty supported for 10 years
  • Q+ certified
  • Designed and manufactured to operate more efficiently in low and diffuse light situations, as well as higher temperatures


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