LG is a trusted, financially stable electronics company which has included solar energy as part of its product diversification strategy. In addition to panels, they also make solar batteries, with their energy storage brand LG Chem set to supply batteries to 13 of the top 20 car manufacturers for their future electric vehicles as well as the replacement battery for the Tesla Roadster.

An internationally trusted brand with a diverse solar offer

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, who ranked LG as a Tier 1 PV manufacturer, the company has pushed research more than many other panel makers and has one of the highest numbers of patents in the industry.

LG’s recent announcement of a $600 million plant development shows they are in the solar market for the long term. The PV module factory features a fully-automated production line with 500 quality control processes. For example, the panels undergo two EL tests during their production – one before and one after the lamination – to verify that the cells used have no micro cracks. Moreover, every module is fitted with a fire retardant and passes a detailed, extensive fire test. In addition, LG uses high-quality components such as original MC4 plugs, which extends the modules’ lifespan. Finally, LG ensures the detailed traceability of its panels by storing an image of each of them with their serial number in its database for 25 years.

With its comprehensive performance and safety testing, it’s no wonder LG won the Top Brand Award 2016 for Consumer Trust in solar panels in Australia, Germany, Great Britain and Europe.