Tesla Solar Brand - Batteries & Powerwall

Tesla Motors is famous for the production of fully electric vehicles, including substantial innovation in lithium-ion technology. But they have done far more than just create astonishing road cars, the company has installed more than 95MWh of grid-connected batteries, as well as the incredible carbon neutral ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada, where the Powerwall, their solar energy storage system is made.

Tesla was founded in 2003 with a vision of accelerating the adoption of renewables worldwide. Since then, they’ve overcome many engineering hurdles in the automotive industry. Among these were significant advancements in lithium-ion technologies, which have allowed them to make the electric vehicle a reality. Their meticulous approach to everything they do becomes apparent when you experience their products


Lithium-Ion experts

Few can boast Tesla’s experience with lithium-ion. Tesla literally has over 1 billion km of vehicle travel powered by lithium-ion cells. Now in their 8th generation, only they have made this technology safe and robust enough to power a vehicle fit for all conditions. This is an achievement that few others have been able to accomplish, and none other with such great effect.