Tesla Powerwall 2 Systems

Tesla Powerwall 2

Solargain is a Telsa authorised reseller

Tesla Authorised Reseller

The Tesla Powerwall 2 - A revolution in solar power technology

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a rechargeable battery pack that you can add to your existing solar arrangement, to store the energy your system generates for later use – giving you even greater control over your electricity usage.

Don’t miss out on gaining even greater control over your electricity bill. Secure your very own Tesla Powerwall 2 through Solargain. We look forward to adding your name to our exclusive VIP waiting list and letting you know the moment they arrive!

These four benefits alone make investing in a Tesla Powerwall 2 a worthwhile decision:

  • Storing excess solar power - If you are sick of low feed in tariffs and wish you could save your excess power instead of sending it to the grid, the Tesla Powerwall 2 will help you make better use of the electricity your panels create.

  • Backup in times of power outage - The Powerwall 2 lets you store your electricity for when you want to use it. This means you’ll still have power when the rest of your neighbourhood are sweating it out during a blackout!

  • Energy arbitrage - With the freedom to recharge your battery during cheaper off-peak periods and then use that energy to power your home at peak times (a process called energy arbitrage) you can beat the electricity companies at their own game!

  • Peak shaving - if your network operator switches to a maximum demand tariff, a Tesla Powerwall 2 will enable you to reduce your electricity consumption through peak shaving.


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