Exciting news for solar households in Victoria - Feed-in Tariff more than doubles

Victorian FiT has increased by 120%

Solargain would like to inform you of a favourable change made by the Essential Services Commission (ESC) in Victoria for customers with solar panels: the minimum feed-in tariff paid by electricity retailers to solar power users has more than doubled since 1 July this year (see Victorian Government website for information). Victorian households with a solar power system stand to benefit from this change, as the minimum feed-in tariff that electricity retailers must pay has increased from 5c/kWh to 11.3c/kWh – an increase of over 120%. Over 130,000 solar households will benefit from this positive change potentially saving over $1,600* a year, and you may be one of them!


Are you eligible for the increased feed-in tariff?

The new feed-in tariff minimum rate will be distributed through retailers, who supply electricity to over 5,000 customers. Most Victorian residents are supplied by such retailers. To ensure you are eligible, please contact your retailer and confirm they are a part of this change. As of 1 July 2017, most solar PV owners in Victoria have been automatically switched to the new feed-in tariff, provided they were not on a more advantageous arrangement. Customers receiving the premium 60c/kWh FiT under the Solar Bonus Scheme will not be affected. Please contact us if you are unsure whether this applies to you.


If eligible, how can you benefit from this FiT change?

Essentially, solar households will now be paid a higher minimum amount for the electricity exported from their solar power system into the grid. This presents an opportunity to increase your system’s size and earn more for the excess power generated by your system. This could also significantly shorten the payback period of your investment in solar energy.

It is important to make sure your system is in full working order and generating as much energy as possible to ensure maximum benefit from this change. Please consider having your system checked by Solargain to ensure it is performing optimally.

Having completed over 45,000 installations, Solargain is well equipped to service your solar power system and offer advice on its performance. We have technicians operating in every state in Australia as well as extensive knowledge and expertise to guide you into maximising your savings with the new feed-in tariff.

Please touch base with us on 1300 73 93 55 or enquire online and allow us to help you get the most from this change.


Ready to Start Saving with new Feed-in Tariff?

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Has your solar power system had its annual check?

To ensure your system continues to produce as much renewable electricity as it should be, Solargain recommends servicing your solar power system once a year. To schedule your maintenance and service, enquire online or call 1300 73 93 55 for assistance.

*Based on average household consumption with an electricity tariff of 30c