Fronius: Residential solutions

The new Fronius inverter generation, the SnapINverters, feature a flexible system design, simple installation and integrated data communication. These inverters fit perfectly for each and every application and can therefore be used in every PV system. 

Optimisation of self-consumption

With its low power categories and single-phase design, the Fronius Galvo makes it possible to achieve a high self-consumption component. The integral energy management relay and the S0 input can be used to control a consumer, thereby further increasing self-consumption. 


SnapINverter mounting system

The SnapINverter mounting system makes inverter installation & servicing very straightforward. After fitting the wall bracket and cabling for the device, the inverter is placed in the wall bracket before being swivelled into position and secured.




Advanced Grid Features for a stable grid

The Advanced Grid Features (AGF) incorporate a range of functions that support reliable grid operation. They prevent grid faults and unexpected failures leading to yield losses. In line with new guidelines for energy fed into the grid, these features can be activated at any time.





Fronius New Warranty / End customer registration

By registering your Fronius string inverter or battery on you can choose an attractive warranty model (depending on the region) that fits your needs.





Fronius Energy Package

With the Fronius Energy Package, Fronius offers a comprehensive and highly-efficient complete package for maximum independence, which can also be adapted to the owner's individual needs.