Hanwha Q CELLS – Perfection in Solar Panels

About Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS creates high-quality and innovative solar power products and ranks among the world’s largest solar energy equipment suppliers.

The company, formerly known as Q CELLS, was originally founded in 1999 in Berlin by a small group of engineers. By 2001 the company employed 19 team members, a figure which skyrocketed to over 80 just one year later in 2002.

Dedicated to producing industry-leading products, Q CELLS eventually became the world’s largest manufacturer of solar cells, expanding its team of employees and operations on a global scale. Focusing particularly on Asia, Q CELLS opened new factories to capitalise on the booming Asian markets, whilst quickly forging new ties and business partnerships.

In 2012, Q CELLS became a part of Hanwha Group – a large Korean conglomerate, forming the new name Hanwha Q CELLS in the process.

Technology and Australian support

Using advanced and long-lasting solar power equipment, Hanwha Q CELLS products have a strong reputation for providing outstanding return on investment.
In fact, there’s perhaps no other solar energy company in the world which puts itself through the same strict quality measures as Hanwha Q CELLS. The company invests millions of dollars into research and development and employs a number of clever tactics to ensure continued quality.

For example, every Hanwha Q CELLS solar cell receives a unique Data Matrix Code. Using this code, Hanwha Q CELLS is able to trace every one of their cells throughout the entire production process. This helps to quickly detect problems in manufacturing.
Like all Solargain product suppliers, Hanwha Q CELLS is supported in Australia with a dedicated office and staff. This gives Australian customers the reassurance that they will receive proper support in the event of a product malfunction.


All of Solargain’s Hanwha Q CELLS solar panels are equipped with superior Anti PID technology, Hot-Spot Protection and Traceable Quality (TRA.Q™).
Hanwha Q CELLS equipment also comes with limited performance warranties, spanning 25 years.
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