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Our Government seems committed to removing the RET

If successful, prices for a 5 kW solar power system will increase as much as $4,000

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When fossil fuels run out, where will we get our power?

Chances are you’ve heard a lot of commotion in the media lately about securing the Australian Renewable Energy Target (RET).

The devastating effect that scrapping the RET could have has been well documented, with substantial loses in Australian jobs and a dramatic increase in the cost of solar power just the tip of the iceberg.

We all know the advantages

From saving money on your electricity bills, to cutting pollution – using the sun to generate your own electricity makes sense and there are now over one million homes with solar panels on their roofs in Australia!

However, changes by the Abbott Government to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) will make solar power unattainable for many homeowners if they come to pass.

Reports from The Australian Financial Review, the ABC and other media have indicated that the Government is attempting to abolish the RET, with official details expected to be released within the week.

This means that time may be running out to secure a solar power system with support from the RET.

Secure your solar power system. No upfront costs involved. Commit to Solar Power and pay later

A Federal Government policy, the current RET ensures that 20 percent of Australia’s electricity is derived from renewable sources by 2020. Over more than 10 years, the RET has helped generate thousands of jobs, cut emissions and attract millions of dollars in investment. According to the Clean Energy Council, removing the RET will cost a lot more money than it saves.

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In most cases, new customers who sign up for solar power now will be protected against any legislative changes to RET policy.

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