Solargain Evacuated Tube 315L 30 Tube with Electric Boost

Solargain’s evacuated tube hot water system can be fitted with a gas booster, making it even more performant. With a 6.0 star high efficiency gas booster to back its 250L hot water storage tank in case of cold, cloudy weather, your Solargain gas boosted evacuated tube hot water system will never let you down.

Thanks to its 97% solar absorption, passive sun tracking and fully automatic booster, your Solargain gas-boosted evacuated tube solar hot water system will continue to deliver hot water to your household all read round. With its world-class, Danish-made Grundfos pump, Solargain’s cutting-edge controller regulates solar contribution. Small-Scale Technology Certifcates (STCs) issued by the Australian Government are available with all Solargain evacuated tube systems to help you cover the upfront cost of your solar hot water system.


Product Features
Fully automatic 6-star inline gas booster
Retains up to 94 % of the sun's energy
Lightweight and versatile mounting options
Better performance in overcast conditions
-15 degree (Level 2) frost protection
Round tubes track the sun for longer periods
Product Warranty
10 years parts on heat exchanger
3 years parts and labour on booster
5 years parts and labour on tank and collector
2 years parts on solar pump
1 year parts and labour all other components
Tank Capacity
Vitreous Enamel
Sacrificial Anode Installed
Product Documents
Product Brochure
File Size
Product Category


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