Installing A 2kW Solar Power System

2kW solar power systems are a great option for people with average power use, living in small homes. They are particularly suited to small families or couples.

Despite being on the smaller end of the scale, this size system can still help reduce your power bill, lower your carbon emissions and add value to your home.

When deciding on a solar power system for your home, it’s important that you do your homework. Installing the wrong sized system can lead to an unpleasant surprise when your first power bill arrives, especially if the system hasn’t performed as you’d hoped. We’re here to prevent that kind of thing from happening.

Have a read through this information to determine whether a 2kW solar power system will suit your circumstances, then give us a call. We’ll happily answer any other questions you might have and can even provide an obligation-free quote over the phone.

How much does a 2kW solar power system cost?

2kW solar power systems usually cost around $2500-$4500, including installation.
The quality of the system you choose and the state or territory in which you buy it has a big impact on the price. We always recommend you choose premium quality panels over cheap, ‘disposable’ alternatives for a better solar power experience.

Will a 2kW solar power system be big enough?

2kW solar power systems are best suited to small families and couples, living in small homes.

How much space do we need on the roof?

A 2kW system is made up of 8 solar panels and takes up approximately 15 square meters of roof space. Because factors such as the orientation of your house and the design of your roof can have an effect on the placement of your panels, it is best to get in touch with one of our team members to discuss your needs.

How much money will a 2kW solar power system save?

You can expect savings of up $790 each year with a 2kW solar power system. However this amount may vary depending on your location and the quality of the system you choose. Your feed-in-tariff rate (FIT) also has an impact on your yearly savings. For a better understanding of the kind of savings you might expect, use our solar savings calculator or contact us for a more tailored savings estimate.

What’s the payback period?

An average 2kW solar power system will pay itself off within four years and ten months, however the payback period for your particular system will depend on how much you originally paid for it and where it’s located.

With over 1.5 million Australians having made the switch, solar power makes sense! As with any investment you just need to do your research first, to make sure you’re buying the best system for your needs. Once you’ve chosen a system have a look at our solar power packages and these must-ask questions before you buy.