Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0

Huawei Hybrid SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0

Efficient, safe and quiet, the Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0 makes for an upgraded solar experience.


Key benefits

Battery ready

This three-phase hybrid inverter is battery-ready with its plug & play integrated battery interface. The Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0 can easily be connected to a battery in the future, without extra devices or additional retrofit costs.

Enhanced performance

Thanks to its advanced digital control algorithm, the Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0 range can produce over 3000 kWh more than other brand inverters in the first 20 years. With a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, it converts more solar energy into power for your home.

Panel optimisers

The main factors that cause power loss are leaves, shading, soiling and dropping. In a standard solar PV system, if one panel is weakened by any of these factors, the performance of the whole array is compromised. With optimisers, only the impacted module will suffer a decrease in energy production. By enhancing each panel’s performance, optimisers allow up to 30% more electricity to be generated. Ultimately, optimisers enable more panels to be installed, utilising more roof space, as shading and orientation issues are minimized.

Built-in PID recovery

The Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0’s integrated PID recovery feature limits the modules’ output loss by up to 70% in hot & humid weather, thus improving the system’s performance.

Ultimate safety

The risk of DC arcing occurring in your solar PV system and posing a danger to your property is alleviated by Huawei’s AI-powered Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). The SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0 inverter detects arc faults more accurately, avoiding false alarms, and automatically shuts down in 2 seconds.


Operating at only 29 dB (library noise level), Huawei SUN2000-5-6KTL-M0s are extremely quiet inverters.

Inverter Features
Maximum efficiency 98.4%
European efficiency 97.5%
Integrated battery interface
Product Warranty
10-year full comprehensive warranty (parts and labour)
Like-for-like replacement
Extendable up to 20 years
System Size
5-6 kW
SUN2000-(5KTL, 6KTL)-M0
Product Documents
Product Brochure
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User Manual
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