Sungrow SGK-S

Sungrow SH5K-20

A powerful and adaptable residential string inverter from one of the world's greatest inverter manufacturers. The SGK-S is the premiere solution for home's that are looking for a small scale inverter. Available in 2, 2.5 and 3 kW variants, the system's Smart Management technology coupled with its high yield capacity make it a fantastic inverter for any home.

High Yield

  • Industry leading efficiency levels at 98.2%
  • Flexible PV string configurations
  • High DC/AC ratio up to 1.3

Safe and Reliable

  • Built-in surge arresters & RCD
  • Cutting-edge technology ensuring system longevity
  • High anti-corrosion rating at C5

Smart Management

  • Online monitoring available wherever you are through the web or through the system app.
  • Firmware updates & new monitoring features made available regularly
  • Take control of your systems energy flow with a Sungrow Smart Meter

Easy Installation

  • Push-in connectors for time-saving installation
  • Mounting plate with built-in level
  • Fast and easy commissioning via App or LCD


Product Warranty
5+5 years
System Size
2 kW to 5 kW
Product Documents
Product Brochure
Sungrow SGK-S Datasheet
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