Protect Your Home And Your Investment With Annual Solar Panel Servicing

When was the last time you had your solar panels serviced? Was it over a year ago? Can’t remember?

Imagine if you neglected to service your car for years. Your tyre tread would be worn dangerously low, your engine risks seizing up and your brakes would be on the brink.

Just like a car, solar power systems require regular servicing. Solargain recommends servicing your solar power system at least once a year.

Why Servicing is Essential

  • Guarantees that your system is producing as much clean energy as possible
  • Safeguards against future mechanical problems
  • Offers a complete and comprehensive inspection of wiring integrity, circuit breakers and junction boxes – UV rays, heat and vermin can all damage these components
  • Includes a detailed clean of panels and inverters, removing dust, droppings, moss and other debris that can affect electrical components

Servicing takes less than two hours and in most cases you won’t even need to be present at home.

Remember – the only way to protect your investment is with annual system servicing.

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