Who is ReneSola?

In operation since 2005, ReneSola is a global photovoltaic manufacturer, specialising in polysilicon, silicon water and solar models.

Active in many parts of the globe including Europe, North America and Asia – ReneSola’s dedication to the solar power industry is demonstrated by its investment in a dedicated R&D team as well as advanced solar power production facilities.

With over 30 subsidiaries catering to all levels of the commercial and residential solar power markets, ReneSola is unique in being one of the few large solar conglomerates with vertically integrated operations.

Always innovating in technology, efficiency and cost effectiveness – ReneSola is a brand that’s a solid investment for customers seeking superior solar PV products.

ReneSola Advantages

General ReneSola product benefits include:

  • High module conversion efficiency – meaning more savings and value
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • A leading mechanical load withstanding rate of 5400 Pa
  • Quality assurance with the highest accreditations (IS09001, OHSAS18001, IS014001)
  • Generous and comprehensive warranties, including 10 years material and workmanship guarantee
  • Standard 25-year limited power guarantee

Australian Supported products

ReneSola’s Australian operations means that customers in Oz are well-supported when making warranty claims. The inclusion of an Australian office (based in VIC) also demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to Australia’s solar energy market.

ReneSola Models

All of Solargain’s ReneSola solar panels are teamed with high-quality inverters to ensure you get the most out of the sun’s rays.

Click on the ReneSola models below for specifications.

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