JinkoSolar Tiger All Black

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TR Technology + Half Cell
Low light induced degradation
9 Busbar design, increasing power generation
Higher lifetime power yield
Best warranty
Better low-light performance
Severe weather resilience
Tiger Mono-facial all black
390 W
Warranted Degradation
1% first year, 0.4% linear
Product Weight
20.8 kg
Product Category
Product Dimensions
1,855 mm x 1,029 mm x 30 mm
Product Perfomance Warranty
25-year product warranty
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
25-year product warranty
30-year linear power warranty

The new JinkoSolar Tiger series has arrived. These new panels come from one of the greatest PV manufacturers in the world, who have proved themselves again and again in terms of innovation, quality, performance, and system longevity.


JinkoSolar is a tier 1 Chinese Solar module and cell manufacturer that opened their doors in 2006. With over 15,000 employees and 24 sales offices across 23 countries, they have made themselves the world’s third-largest crystalline module manufacturer.

They were the first Chinese PV manufacturer to receive one of the highest certifications available in the industry, the Q+ certification. This is because they take quality control and system testing very seriously. Every cell and module produced is subjected to intense quality control tests, and they have consistently scored extremely highly on these tests for more than five years now.

The JinkoSolar Tiger All Black

JinkoSolar’s newest generation of panels features many of their latest innovations in PV cell technology. These include a multi-busbar (MBB) design, with 9 thin wire busbars (as opposed to traditional, flat ribbon busbars), along with larger format cells and a fantastic, all-black design which will look great on your roof.

On top of these, the new panels also include what JinkoSolar has titled ‘Tiling Ribbon’ or TR. This is a manufacturing technique wherein they slightly overlap the cells, much like shingled cells, in order to eliminate gaps between them and increase overall cell coverage, which has the added benefit of increasing module efficiency. To create this ‘tiling ribbon’ design, JinkoSolar uses a unique process of pressing, in order to join the thin wire busbars together. On top of increasing efficiency, this also reduces costs, and by and large removes the need for soldering. 

With all these innovations together, the JinkoSolar Tiger All Black provides higher performance, improved reliability, and of course, increased efficiency levels.


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