JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type 370 W

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Multi Busbar Technology
Hot 2.0 Technology
Enhanced Mechanical Load
PID Resistance
Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions
370 W
Warranted Degradation
0.4% Annual Degradation over 30 years
Product Weight
19 kg
Product Category
Product Dimensions
1692 x 1029 x 30mm
Mounting System
Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Product Perfomance Warranty
30-Year Liner Power Warranty
Heat Tolerance
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
20-Year Product Warranty

The new JinkoSolar Tiger panel range has arrived, coming from one of the world's greatest PV manufacturers. JinkoSolar has again and again earned themselves recognition in the fields of innovation, quality, performance and system longevity.


A tier 1 Chinese solar module and cell manufacturer, JinkoSolar opened their doors in 2006, meaning that they now have a decade and a half of industry experience. They now hold the position of 3rd largest crystalline module manufacturer, with over 15,000 employees and 24 sales offices across 23 countries.

They were the first Chinese PV manufacturer to receive one of the highest certifications available in the industry, the Q+ certification. JinkoSolar takes quality control and system testing very seriously and consider them a core part of their business. Every product they produce goes through intense quality control tests, and for more than five years now, every product produced has consistently scored top marks on these tests.

Panels from JinkoSolar are often chosen for premium solar installations, thanks to their aesthetically pleasing design, high levels of efficiency and incredible levels of safety, reliability and durability.

The Tiger Series

The Tiger Series makes the most of all of JinkoSolar panels best features, using their leading technology to make them the most efficient range of panels that JinkoSolar offers on the Australian market. The N-type range is built on a particularly high purity silicon base, providing higher levels of efficiency compared to other panels.

The panels enjoy enhanced efficiency levels due in part to their Multi Busbar technology. By using 9 fine and narrow busbars, far more than an average solar panel, they are able to increase the modules efficiency levels substantially. In addition, the modules half-cut cell design reduces average power loss levels by as much as 25%, meaning less power goes to waste, and more sunlight that hits the panel is converted into useable power for your home.

These panels offer efficiency levels reaching as high as 21.54%, meaning that you can fit a powerful system even on a smaller roof and can all the more out of larger rooftop space.

On top of this, the panels are highly durable, even in extreme environments, and are well equipped to cope with things such as high ammonia and salt mist.

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