LG NeonH 370-390

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Excellent Low Light Performance
HTAR Glass and Anti-Reflective Coatings
Extremely low light induced degradation
Hail, high temperature and wind resistant
Suitable for coastal installations
Built to last
LG Neon H 380_385W N1C-E6
370-390 W
Warranted Degradation
1st Year 98.5%, After 1st year 0.33% Annual Degradation
Product Weight
18.5 Kg
Product Category
Product Dimensions
1768 x 1042 x 40mm
Mounting System
Anodised Aluminium with white backsheet
Product Perfomance Warranty
25 Years
Heat Tolerance
42 ± 3 °C
Country of Manufacture
South Korea
Product Warranty
25 Years

The LG NeonH is here, a high-performing, highly-efficient module from one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry today. Offering efficiency levels as high as 20.9%, and a wattage of 380 W, the panel let's even small rooftop systems enjoy powerful systems. Equipped with N-type cells and half-cut technology, it offers LG's greatest levels of power and performance for the residential market to date.

A tier 1 manufacturer, LG has undertaken more research than any other panel manufacturer in the industry today, laying claim to the highest number of patents of any business in the industry. LG is a multi-award winning company, having taken Most Trusted Brand in Solar Panels award from Reader's Digest 2 years in a row, to list only their most recent.

Their latest offering the LG NeonH offers a number of fantastic features which make it an attractive choice for any rooftop, including:

Fantastic All-Weather Performance

Well suited to the highly varied Australian climate, the NeonH comes equipped with excellent low-light performance (thanks to the unique, korean manufactured cell technology which provides very low tolerances), improved high-temperature performance. On top of that, the module is also more than equipped to handle the turbulent nature of a coastal installation, coming equipped with high salt, ammonia, wind and hail resistance, so that it can stand up to anything the sea can throw at it.

Fantastic Durability

Due to the N-type makeup of the panel, they enjoy extremely low levels of light induced degradation, and in general have astonishingly low degradation across the board. LG is happy to back them too, coming with a 25 year product warranty, that promises the panels to still be operating at 90.6% efficiency after 25 years. They are warranted for 0.33% yearly degradation, which is a vast improvement when compared to the industry average of 0.7%

In the rare case that issues ever do arise with the panels however, LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd are here to support any warranty claims, eliminating the issues many Australian's face when using international products.

Extreme Power Efficiency

Breaking through the glass ceiling that many other panels struggle to exceed, the LG NeonH offers efficiency levels as high as 20.9%. It achieves this through use of half-cut cells, multi-busbar technology, monocrystalline makeup and LG's unique N-type technology.

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