LG Solar Panels

LG is a Tier 1 PV manufacturer that has undertaken more research than any other panel manufacturer, laying claim to the highest number of patents of any business in the industry. They have recently announced their plans for a $600 million PV module production facility, the automated production line of which will contain more than 500 quality control processes. It is decisions like these that shows LG's commitment to remaining in the solar energy industry for the long term, and that they are truly striving to improve upon the solar of the past to provide a better solar experience in the future. It is for reasons such as that, that we have no hesitation in recommending LG when it comes to premium solar module manufacturers.

Presently we offer the LG NEON 2 and the LG NEON R, both of which are excellent solar PV modules that promise durability as well as high levels of energy production.


LG Solar Panels


The LG NeonH is here, a high-performing, highly-efficient module from one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry today. Offering efficiency levels as high as 20.9%, and a wattage of 380 W, the panel let's even small rooftop systems enjoy powerful systems. Equipped with N-type cells and half-cut technology, it offers LG's greatest levels of power and

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