SunPower Performance 3 415 W COM

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SunPower Performance 3 415 W Commercial EVO Shingle.jpg
Robust and Flexible cell connection
Outstanding reliability
Conductive adhesive, proven in the aerospace industry
Redundant cell to cell connections
Reduced panel temperature due to unique electrical bussing
Drainage Notch
415 W
Warranted Degradation
Product Weight
22 kg
Product Category
Product Dimensions
2066 x 40 x 998mm
Heat Tolerance
–40°C to +85°C
Country of Manufacture
Product Warranty
25-year complete confidence warranty

Designed specifically for the commercial market, this excellent panel from one of the most renowned solar module manufacturers in the world makes use of their more than 30+ years of solar manufacturing experience and expertise to manufacture a panel which overcomes many of the trials usually faced by conventional commercial panels.

These commercial focused panels have been designed with a unique parallel circuitry design, which makes the most of energy production available during dawn and dusk by reducing row-to-row shading and production loss caused by panel soiling. This design choice can result in panels producing upwards of 8% more energy than what one would expect from other commercial panels in their lifetime.

To further reduce panel efficiency degradation, the panels use an innovative cell shingling design, as well as flexible cell connection technologies, so that even if one connection should fail, there is no stoppage of power or shorting. They also possess unique designs for electrical bussing, which helps to reduce panel temperatures. This is to list only a few of the many unique features specifically designed to improve panel performance in the commercial field.

SunPower Performance 3 415 W COM specifications

The SunPower Performance 3 415 W COM panels enjoy high power, high performance, and high reliability. Engineered for performance and reduced impact of soiling, shade and other effects which reduce the reliability of panels, these panels are perfect for commercial installations, and they overcome the design issues and concerns that effect commercial solar installations. This is thanks to the previously mentioned shingled design, and parallel circuitry, but also the flexible and redundant cell connection technologies, and the unique electrical bussing which effectively reduces panel temperatures and failure rates. Plus, with it's high wattage, efficiency and output, you can get more power from fewer panels, and even enjoy amazing production capabilities on large rooftops, with room for large-scale installations.

On top of all of this, SunPower is proud to stand behind their panels, offering an excellent 25-Yr SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty. This stands as proof of the manufacturer's trust and faith in their product, which you can take as evidence for your own confidence and peace of mind in the product.

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