Solargain i-Heat 20L

About Solargain i-Heat 20L

Available in both natural and LP gas specification, the Solargain i-Heat continuous flow gas hot water system is a tough and efficient unit. Backed by Solargain - Australia’s largest integrated solar energy and solar hot water provider, the i-Heat is easily wall-mounted and ideal for properties with limited installation space. Highly rated at 6-Stars for energy efficiency, this 20L unit provides a long-lasting and economical hot water service for properties with 1-2 bathrooms.

Key features:

  • Also available in 26L
  • 6-Star energy rating: economical and environmentally-friendly
  • Easily integrated into a solar hot water system in the future
  • Compact and stylish
  • Solargain reliability and quality
  • 10 year heat exchanger warranty (part only)

Why choose Solargain:

Solargain has been servicing the hot water needs of Australians for years and has grown to become a leading force in both the hot water and solar power industries. With a strong and comprehensive network of offices stationed in most Australian states, Solargain offers customers thorough and comprehensive after-sales advice, care and maintenance. Solargain’s products are made to the strictest quality and safety standards, and always with a focus on sustainability.

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