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SENEC Solar Batteries

Founded in 2009, SENEC has become renowned as one of the world’s most popular brands for any and all innovative energy storage solutions, and have gained great acclaim as one of the greatest manufacturers in the industry today.

In 2017, they received the Top Storage System award for their SENEC.Home, which coincidentally is also the SENEC product we currently offer. SENEC experienced great success in their home country of Germany for a decade before they expanded operations out to Australia.

Our offering from SENEC, the SENEC.HOME is a fantastic energy storage solution, which stores the energy your home produces throughout the day to provide for it at night, even through blackouts, letting you keep what matters most operational until the power returns. Multiple of these batteries can be incorporated into the same system, further reducing your reliance on the grid by establishing your own micro-grid in your home.


SENEC Solar Batteries utilise award-winning technology in order to supply your home with energy through both the morning and evening peaks, storing the energy your PV system generates to allow your home to reach self-sufficiency levels of up to 90%. Not only will your electricity bills fall drastically, but the top-tier German manufactured battery will protect you from power outages and constantly rising energy prices. Established in 2009, SENEC has since become one of the world's most popular brands for innovative energy storage solutions.
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