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Sungrow Solar Batteries

With over 154 GW of Solar PV systems around the world using Sungrow inverters as of December 2020, it’s safe to say they’ve more than earned being one of the best-known names in solar. 

First opening their doors in 1997, Sungrow has since dedicated themselves to innovation and forward-thinking processes, and their portfolio includes PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for residential, commercial and even utility applications, with their floating PV plant solutions receiving international recognition.

At Solargain we’re proud to offer a range of Sungrow inverters that are well equipped to meet the solar energy needs of almost any residential solar installation. Also available is the Sungrow PowCube, a highly adaptable and powerful solar energy storage system that makes for the perfect pairing with any Sungrow inverter, and can be easily retrofitted into a single-phase solar energy installation to make the most of your solar.


The Sungrow PowCube SBP4K8 is a rechargeable solar energy batter that gives homeowners the power to take control of their home's energy usage. The PowCube saves you money by shifting solar energy to when and where it is needed, saving it for times such as peak tariff periods. The unit is uniquely designed to be easily retrofit into any system with a single-phase solar grid-connected inverter.  
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