Solargain’s product range has been designed and manufactured using an advanced method of solar energy absorption, transfer and storage. This proven method has benefited more than one million satisfied customers in over 40 countries around the world. Solar hot water works because it is both simple and durable in design.

How solar hot water works

How solar hot water works on your home

When the sun shines, collectors on the roof convert the energy in solar radiation to heat the water. The water is pumped to the bottom of the storage tank. Hot water rises so the heated water moves to the top of the tank. The hot water is drawn out from a pipe near the top of the tank and is instantly available for the home.


Solar collectors

Collectors are designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. Solargain provides clients with a choice between two leading collectors.


Flat plate solar collectors

Flat plate collectors consist of copper pipes running through a dark, flat-plate absorber of solar energy that is covered in glass to reduce heat loss. Fluid is circulated through tubes to transfer heat from the absorber to an insulated water tank.


Evacuated tube solar collectors

Evacuated tube solar collectors consist of glass tubes with copper pipes running through the centre. Air is withdrawn (evacuated) from the space between the two glass tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminates conductive and convective heat loss. The copper heat pipe transmits heat to the collector’s heat transfer manifold. Heat is then transferred to the water as it runs through the manifold.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are flexible enough to be installed in most Residential, Business and Commercial hot water applications, but the basic evacuated tube solar heating principal remains the same:

  • The evacuated tube solar collector captures the sun’s light and heat energy.
  • A circulator pushes water through the solar collector, transferring the captured heat into the water.
  • The heat is then stored in a tank, which continually heats throughout the day.
  • Hot water is drawn from the storage tank into the household when hot taps are opened.


How Solargain solar hot water technology outperforms the competition

The key to Solargain’s performance and efficiency lies in our unique solar collector design. Independent testing shows that a Solargain system with only one black chrome solar collector outperforms similar competitor products with two solar collectors.

Solargain hot water systems’ greater solar collection area and ultrasonically welded all-copper construction and black chrome surface are twice as efficient as the aluminium and steel black paint collectors used by leading competitors. For larger families or those wishing to obtain maximum solar efficiency, Solargain is also able to provide systems with two or three solar collectors.


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