Solar Energy and Solar Power Products

Australia's dry climate and latitude means that we are perfectly placed to make the most of solar energy. There is an incredible amount of clean renewable energy beaming onto your rooftop daily! Simply harness the power of the sun to save money and the environment.

At Solargain we carefully select the best solar products from around the world so we can offer an exciting and extensive range to our customers. We only stock the best brands and our installers are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Talk to one of our solar energy specialists for advice on the best solar products for your home or business. We approach every installation differently and tailor solar packages to suit your energy needs and maximise government rebates and incentives.

Solargain offer a comprehensive range of Panel and Inverter options and not all products may be listed on our website. If you require specific products call us on 1300 73 93 55 or use our contact form to get in touch.

SunPower E20 Series / 327w Solar Module

SunPower has introduced a new series of solar panels that takes the advantages of high efficiency solar technology to another level. The new E20 series solar panel set a new standard for solar, achieving record panel efficiencies of over 20 percent. Highest efficiency panels available on the market today, including the world’s first 20 percent efficiency panel. Maximum performance: The panels that make up the new E20 Series are compatible with Transformer-less (TL) Inverters. This means that SunPower superior panel performance can now be matched with the highest performing inverters, maximising system output. Guaranteed performance: The panels are backed by the industry’s first 25 year combined power and product warranty.

SunPower E19 Series / 318w Solar Module

Residential solar panels from SunPower produce the most energy of all solar panels on the market. Since SunPower home solar panels are so efficient, you can make the most of your roof space to produce significantly more electricity. Not only are SunPower solar panels the most powerful and efficient on the market.

Suntech Monocrystalline, Medium-Format Module

Solar panel output can vary. But Suntech solar panels are proven to reliably deliver consistent power over their entire lifetime. Every Suntech panel’s power output is within 0 to +3% of rating – one of the narrowest tolerances in the industry. Made from monocrystalline silicon, Suntech’s standard modules offer superior energy conversion and are backed by our industry-leading, 25-year warranty.

ReneSola Virtus 250w Modules

ReneSola is one of the world's leading producers of solar power products. As a fully vertically integrated solar companies in China, ReneSola manufacture high-quality cost-competitive products across the solar value chain including virgin polysilicon, monocrystalline and multicrystalline ingots and wafers, and PV cells and modules.

MacSol Inverters

We still use our innovative strength in the projection, development, production and service of superior solutions in renewable energy technology.
We see ourselves as specialists and product developers for both customized electronics and a high-quality PV system construction.

SMA - SB Series Inverters

The Sunny Boy solar inverters characterise the Technology- and Quality-Leadership of our company. They are optimally suitable for use in small and mid-range systems. They impress with first class efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability.

Fronius - IG Series Inverters

For over half a century, Fronius has concentrated on technologies for converting electrical energy. The combination of forward-thinking innovations and practical development makes the FRONIUS IG series into one of the most powerful and user-friendly on the market

Aurora PVI-3.6-OUTD-AU/PVI-4.2-OUTD-AU Inverter

The revolutionary switching technology utilised in the Aurora inverter includes state-of-the-art silicon Power devices such as CoolMOSTM and Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBT's) to reduce switching losses. Aurora has been designed with substantial de-rating of all critical components, achieving an extremely robust and reliable inverter, designed to last for 25 years and to deliver rated maximum output power on a continuous basis.