Anti-islanding protection testing ensures that your solar power equipment will work correctly in the event of a power blackout.

What is anti-islanding protection testing?

Anti-islanding protection is an important safety measure that ensures your inverter responds correctly in the event of a power blackout. During a blackout, your inverter is designed to stop exporting power to the grid.

If an inverter continues supplying power to the grid during a blackout, this is a major safety issue known as ‘islanding’. Electricity travelling from your home back onto the network has the potential to electrocute technicians who are working on the line. Islanding can also interfere with the quality of the electricity supply and has the potential to damage grid hardware and appliances.

To ensure your solar power system is functioning properly, we recommend you book your inverter in for an anti-islanding protection test every five years. (This is actually a mandatory requirement for many energy distributors in Victoria and ACT)


What does an anti-islanding test involve and how long does it take?

There are two parts to this test. The first part is to check that the inverter stops supplying power to the grid within two seconds of the mains switch being turned off.

The second part is to ensure that the inverter doesn’t start supplying power to the grid again, until at least 60 seconds after the mains power has been restored.

The whole process usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes, however it may take longer if your system turns out to be faulty.


Can’t I just do the test myself?

Anti-Islanding Protection Testing involves working live DC and AC voltages. For your safety, only licenced electricians, such as our accredited Solargain technicians, should conduct the test.


What happens if I don’t have my inverter tested?

Aside from potentially endangering the safety of the people who are working on the main power network, you also risk having your system disconnected if you breach your contract with your energy provider by not having your system tested.

ActewAGL customers residing in the ACT are now required to have their solar energy system tested every 5 years. If you are an ActewAGL ACT customer, you can book your 5-year mandatory anti-islanding test with Solargain. This can be done as part of our comprehensive solar power service.


What if my inverter doesn’t pass the test?

Once our technician has finished testing your inverter they will advise you of the outcome. In the event they detect a fault and the inverter fails the anti-islanding testing, they will explain what work is required to rectify the fault. After the faulty components have been repaired or replaced, they will run another round of anti-islanding tests to ensure the system is operating safely.


Need more information?

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