The solar calculator will help you determine your potential saving based on your current energy conditions. Solargain will ensure your investment is the perfect balance between cost, savings and payback time.

Add your 4 digit Australian postcode.
Daily kWh or units used can be found on your electricity bills.
The calculator will automatically recommend you a solar battery storage size.
Average Daytime Electricity Usage
How much electricity do you use during the daytime? (i.e. When your solar is actually producing energy for you)

  • Low: Your daytime usage is 20%
  • Medium: Your daytime usage is 40%
  • High: Your daytime usage is 60%
  • Day Only: Your daytime usage is 100% (unlikely)

Solar Calculator Notes

* Whilst we use the latest technology, actual payback period and savings are an estimate only. Calculations are based on average electricity prices & feed-in tariffs, rebates and government incentives for each state, which may vary between different regions and electricity retailers.

Property conditions are based on a standard property type (single storey home in a moderately sunny area with north facing roof) and therefore savings and payback period may vary if these typical conditions are not met. Battery assumptions are based on customer cycling battery once per day. No pensioner discounts or other miscellaneous power savings included.