14th Feb 2024 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Parts of Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria have faced extensive and prolonged power outages with some people unable to access electricity from the grid for days. At the time of writing, “Nearly 10 000 Victorian homes remain without power after devastating storms”, writes ABC News (AU). As extreme weather becomes increasingly common, you can mitigate the risk of loosing power by choosing a solar power system with battery and blackout protection.
25th Jan 2024 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Switch Your Thinking Logo
Picture this: you're sitting at your kitchen table, flipping through your latest electricity bill, and feeling a sense of dread wash over you. As you scan the numbers, you can't help but wonder if there's a way to reduce this never-ending expense. Well, the good news is, there is. It all starts with Solargain's partnership with Switch Your Thinking to offer a range of discounts on the new iStore solar energy range* . Residents in participating councils can sign up for this exciting initiative to save money and make a positive impact on the environment. In this article, we'll delve into the
12th Dec 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
iStore New Solar Range
Unleash the power of sustainability with iStore! iStore is making it even easier to electrify your whole home with their new range of solar inverters and batteries! The new solar energy range complements their existing award-winning hot water heat pumps. Monitoring your complete iStore system with the new custom-built iStore Univers App* is a breeze. And with more products coming into the road map, iStore is empowering Australians to take control of their home energy through complete electrification. With rigorous safety testing and integrated monitoring, you can trust the fully Australian
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Solargain Solar Panels
If you’re an existing Infinite Energy customer looking for a reliable and long-term solar provider to service or upgrade your existing system, Solargain is here to provide you with peace of mind and exceptional service. We understand that the recent exit of Infinite Energy from the solar market may have left you concerned, but rest assured Solargain is here to stay and help if needed. As one of Australia’s most reputable, established and successful solar companies, with our Head Office here in Perth, there’s many compelling reasons to choose Solargain as your trusted solar partner going
19th Sep 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
El Niño will bring hot temperatures for 2023-4
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has just announced an El Niño event for the coming Australian summer which means severe heat is predicted. So what now? From going solar to reviewing your insurance policies, preparing for the impacts of El Niño in Australia involves understanding the potential consequences of this climate phenomenon and making sure you are ready. El Niño typically brings hotter and drier conditions to many parts of Australia, which can lead to drought, heatwaves, bushfires, and water shortages. Here are some steps to prepare for El Niño: 1. Stay Informed about the weather
25th Aug 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Woman charging car with Fronius Wattpilot
Whether at home or on the move, the Fronius Wattpilot charges your electric car more flexibly and intelligently than any other EV Charger on the market. The Fronius Wattpilot comes in two 22kW versions; either hardwired or portable. Fronius Wattpilot Key Benefits Sustainable & cheap charging with ECO Mode using only your excess solar power Up to 22kW fast charging with NEXT TRIP mode Online Monitoring of your existing Fronius Solar PV system** + Home Power Usage + EV Charging all from the one App! Dynamic Load Balancing to avoid tripping of the Main Switch Circuit-Breaker RFID to prevent
14th Aug 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Powerwall Tesla Rebate With Solargain
Tesla is offering a $750 rebate for Powerwalls installed and registered between August 11 and December 31, 2023*.
14th Jul 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Girl in green sari standing in forrest symbolising partnership with Solargain, Solar Dwellings and The Hunger Project.
Image Credit: Sujata Khanna Solargain is excited to announce our new partnership with The Hunger Project Australia. For customers of Perth-based Smarter Sustainable Homes consultants ‘Solar Dwellings’, solar is not just an investment into the sustainability of their homes and the wider environment. For every solar package purchased from Solargain $200+ is donated to The Hunger Project Australia. The Hunger Project Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with disadvantaged women and girls by investing in their future. Programmes such as education, microfinance, agriculture
27th Jun 2023 | Mark.Stevens
SolarEdge Home: Revolutionising Your Home
In an era marked by evolving energy needs and a pressing focus on sustainability, SolarEdge Home has emerged as the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking a comprehensive renewable energy ecosystem. With benefits that extend beyond traditional solar energy systems, SolarEdge Home offers a range of advantages that address the increasing demands of modern households. This blog will explore why SolarEdge Home has become more important than ever and how it is revolutionising home energy. Home Energy Transformation in Australia: As gas is gradually phased out, Australian homes need alternative
17th May 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Revcharge crew standing next to revhcarge EV charger
Electric vehicle owners are increasingly recognising the importance of installing solar and batteries alongside your EV Charger. By harnessing the power of the sun, EV owners can charge their vehicles using clean, renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint, and save money on their power bills. Additionally, installing a battery system allows EV owners to store excess energy generated by their solar panels, ensuring they have power available for car charging day or night. Revcharge is an end-to-end EV charging service provider. We take the stress and guesswork out of finding and
3rd May 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Huawei Luna2000 Battery Competition Solargain
Looking for a chance to win some cool tech gear? If you're in the market for a new battery, choose the Huawei LUNA2000. As the world shifts towards sustainable energy sources, Huawei is leading the way with its range of smart energy solutions. Huawei’s innovative technologies are developing smarter home energy networks that are critical for your future needs. In this blog post, we outline how choosing the LUNA2000 battery system from Solargain will transform your home energy system and help you and your household become more energy efficient. As an added bonus, and for a limited time only
2nd May 2023 | Jennifer.Delmarre
Image of newspaper article by Owen Raymond in West Real Estate
Will solar increase the value of your property? Solargain National Sales Manager Mark Stevens explains in the article, 'Sage advice to ensure savings with solar' by Owen Raymond in the weekend's edition of West Real Estate, that the right choice of solar system could increase the value of a home in a number of ways - and that it was important to choose a reputable company. To find out which solar package best suits your property - whether you are a homeowner or investor - give us a call or make an enquiry using the form. The full text from the article is below; Sage advice for saving with