Now is the time to buy EV Chargers! With the power, range and efficiency of electric vehicles rising right alongside rising fuel prices, for many around Australia, they’re seeming like a wiser and wiser investment. Plus, when coupled with EV chargers installed right in the home, you can charge up your vehicle overnight and never have to think about visiting a gas station again!

Solargain is a company focused on offering a range of renewable solutions to the people of Australia. We see Electric Vehicles as the future and want to make it easy for Australians to install and buy electric vehicle chargers or EV Chargers.

Plus, EV chargers pair perfectly with solar energy systems and especially solar energy batteries. With solar power stored up throughout the day while you’re away, you can draw it straight from your battery to recharge your EV when you get home, it’s like making your own fuel!

ZJ Beny EV Charger

Multiple Charging modes
Smart App available
PEN Fault detection
We offer a pair of EV Home charging systems from ZJ Beny, for single-phase and three-phase homes. Both of these chargers have smart capabilities, allowing them to draw power from your solar PV system and offset the cost of charging your vehicle by using the free energy of the sun.

Delta AC Max

Wide EV compatibility
Smart EV Management system
Adaptable to any installation
A fantastic solution for any home. The Delta  AC Max can be configured for both single phase and three phase homes and offers a wide suite of smart monitoring and usage options. With great adaptability in its installation options, the Delta AC Max is a great option whether you're looking to install indoor or outdoor.

SolarEdge EV Charger

4x faster than most lvl 1chargers
All in one inverter-ev charger
Record-breaking 99% efficiency
If you have ever considered an electric vehicle for your home, but been turned off by the amount of additional work needed, or how much energy will need to be pulled from the grid, this is the solution for you, rolling an EV charging station into a powerful solar inverter.

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

7.3m charge cable
Single & Three phase compatible
71 km/hour charging capacity
The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is the perfect solution for the home, apartment, and workplace; small-scale and lighter but has impressive charging capabilities, providing up to 71 km of range per hour.