With over 25 years experience installing, servicing and repairing solar power systems across Australia, we have the utmost confidence in our solar installations. You can experience the same peace of mind with Solargain’s ‘Longevity Guarantee’ – one of the most comprehensive and longest lasting warranty periods in the industry.

We understand that installing a new solar power system is a big investment. You want to know that the equipment you choose and the people installing it will be with you for the long haul. Rest assured, with Solargain’s ‘Longevity Guarantee’ we’ll be here for you long into the future should anything go wrong with your solar power system.

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Choose Solargain for quality

Over the years we have learnt which brands are worth investing in (and which to avoid). We’ve built rock-solid relationships with our manufacturers and have invested in world-class accreditations including ISO 9001 certification for ‘Quality Management Systems’. These factors, combined with Solargain’s ‘Longevity Guarantee’, mean you are choosing quality solar products, from reputable manufacturers, using qualified and experienced installers that stand by their systems.

In the event you experience an issue with your solar power system and the product manufacturer is unavailable to assist you, Solargain’s ‘Longevity Guarantee’ means we will make good or find an equivalent replacement for your system, within the original warranty period. Our expert team of customer service representatives and qualified technicians are here to support you through the process, making it as painless and as easy as possible. Our ‘Longevity Guarantee’ offers the ultimate peace of mind.

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Solargain has got you covered

Components covered

Years from installation date

Solar modules manufacturing defects

12 - 25 years

Solar modules performance

25 years

Solar Inverter

5 - 10 years

Tesla Powerwall Battery

10 years


5 years

Mounting frame

10 years


In an industry known for its fly-by-night solar installers, Solargain rises far above the rest. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service before, during and long after your solar power system has been installed. We are proudly Australian owned, employing over 100 staff across the country. When you choose Solargain to install your new solar power system, you are never alone should things go wrong. In fact, we guarantee the performance of your solar panels for 25 years! That kind of long-term support is very rare these days.

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