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Solar panels for home

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Solar Hot Water

Roof or Ground Mount Hot Water

Choosing the right hot water system is critical when your aim is to reduce your energy consumption. Choose from a fantastic range.

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Solar Repairs

Need solar repairs, service or claims?

With one of the largest service networks across Australia, Solargain will help you get your system back on track. Call us today! 1300 73 93 55.

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4 easy steps to getting your solar panels installed

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Our solar team is ready and waiting with a host of technology tools and expertise to give you the best solar yield and returns.

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We'll take care of the whole process, from helping with government rebates, to designing the system perfect for your home.

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Our fully accredited and licensed electricians take great care with your solar panels installation to ensure your system is correctly installed and compliant with Government standards.

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Sit back and relax as your system will now be fully functional. Your solar energy system is in good hands with our dedicated after sales support.

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25 years in the solar business

With more experience than any other solar company in Australia, we’ve survived the test of time and understand the importance of quality products and care.

ISO9001 Quality accredited business

ISO 9001 Certification requires a business maintain an extremely high level of quality on all fronts, with repeated audits to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

21 Locations Australia wide

All across Australia, we install, service and provide solar to anyone looking for top quality solar for their home.

Most trusted Solar panel installers

Our strong connections to manufacturers, years of industry experience and powerful service network allows us to stand by our customers through their entire solar journey.




The big question is ... why wouldn't you?

Solar Panels on your home can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system.

Solar panels are extremely durable and performance warranties range from 10 years up to 25 years depending on the brand. While we are seeing some of the lowest costs in solar power and the highest electricity costs, there is no better time to start shredding your electricity bills and reducing your families carbon impact on the planet.

Depending on your roof space and kW system size you choose, you can wipe out a significant cost of your household electricity costs saving up to $2400 per year on energy. Its easy to do the maths, when the average cost of a solar energy system in 2020 is between $3,000 to $6,000


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