Submitted by Andrew on Thu, 19/11/2020 - 08:50
Huawei Advanced Arc Detection


Safety is a paramount concern in all home electrical appliances. That applies especially so for solar PV systems, which generate dangerous high DC voltage.

DC arcing occurs around poorly welded solar panel junction boxes, broken or worn PV cables, and loose or low-quality PV connectors. Arcing takes the form of an electrical breakdown of air that produces a prolonged electrical discharge which can reach temperatures as high as 3000 degrees Celsius. This has the potential to cause house fires and threatens the safety of homes & families.

Unfortunately, DC arcing can be difficult for safety systems to detect, due to arc noise usually being very weak, accounting for as little as 0.1% of the normal current signal. This results in frequent missed detections.


The Huawei AI powered Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology entirely negates this issue by cutting off the electricity supply to your solar PV system and shutting down the inverter in under 0.5 seconds when the threat of an arc occurs. This ensures the safety of your home from any possible issue that may have arisen from the arcing, while also assisting in the identification and repair of such issues.

This AI powered AFCI feature uses machine learning to accurately and effectively protect your home from DC arcing, even through complex electric background noise. It manages this through the use of mass quantities of data, to identify and learn from faults as they occur across Huawei’s network. This lets your home pull from the experience of inverters all around the world, to give you the absolute peak in safety. 

On top of that, a fully optimised Huawei system can accurately pin-point where in your PV system the arc fault has occurred, making repairs easier than ever before. This accuracy allows for 80% less onsite troubleshooting time and lower repair costs.

Safety is one of the highest priorities when designing a solar inverter, and Huawei is leading the pack on this front, so that it can provide customers with the very best in peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more, you can check out Huawei’s flyer on the topic or watch their video on the AI powered AFCI technology: