Submitted by Andrew on Tue, 03/02/2015 - 11:31
hybrid inverters

Here at Solargain we’re excited to announce our soon-to-be-released Hybrid Inverters which will have the option for battery storage – that is, batteries that store excess solar energy to use during peak times!

Whilst conventional inverters require additional accessories to be retrofitted in order to make them solar battery compatible, hybrid inverters are ‘storage-ready’, which means you’re able to install batteries right away.

For current customers with traditional inverters installed, most of Solargain’s inverter models will soon offer retrofit equipment to make them battery compatible.

By combining solar batteries with solar panels, owners can take their energy bill savings to the next level.

More and more Australians are flicking the switch on solar batteries that act as a bank for generated solar energy that isn’t used during the day. Power stored in the batteries can then be used throughout the house when energy from the grid is at its most expensive (like at night).

Plus, all that stored energy means you’ll be protected during blackouts. Your home will automatically switch over to battery power if an outage occurs. So that scene – the one where you run out of the house in your pyjamas to see if the whole street is without power – that’s a thing of the past.

With a continued shift towards the use of renewable energy in the household, industry experts predict that by 2030 every second detached home in Australia could have solar panels, with many opting for the two-pronged solar/battery hybrid system.

Almost 167,000 solar power systems were installed last year alone, proof of the fact that more Australians are clueing up to the big savings on offer.

‘The business case is there now, it makes sense financially, so you are not relying on people to buy solar because they are motivated by climate change or doing the right thing,’ says Darren Gladman from the Clean Energy Council.

‘It becomes a question of “why not?” It saves you money and it is also good for the planet,’ he says.

We couldn’t agree more!

Our new range of hybrid inverter options will be available in late February. For more information on how combining batteries with your solar panels can save you money, get in touch via our Contact page.