Submitted by Andrew on Wed, 10/06/2020 - 16:07
IKEA is going solar

Here at Solargain, we have always been so very passionate about making it easier for Australians to cut their bills and be more environmentally friendly through affordable and high-quality solar energy systems. That’s why we were excited that IKEA partnered with us to make solar energy more accessible than ever for Australians by developing SOLSTRÅLE.


SOLSTRÅLE is a home solar power system designed to specifically for your home and energy usage needs at an affordable price. There are also finance options available so that you can start saving money on your bills sooner.

Each custom design includes Trina solar panels, a Growatt inverter, mounting system and the full installation being conducted by CEC accredited installers. Options are also available to include a battery, smart meter or microinverter. 

Why is IKEA entering the solar energy industry?

IKEA is already an environmentally friendly company, with 20,000 solar panels installed across IKEA locations nationally.

IKEA  aims to be climate positive by 2030, taking a scientific approach and working alongside their partners, suppliers and customers to strive to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.  From the sourcing of product materials to product use in customers’ homes and product end-of-life, IKEA has sustainability at the forefront of their business. Now we are joining them in that goal, to help the people of Australia become more environmentally friendly with SOLSTRÅLE.

Why did IKEA choose Solargain?

IKEA did not make their choice of who to partner with for the SOLSTRÅLE project lightly. They only wanted to partner with a solar energy retailer that they were confident would provide durable and quality solar energy systems, with experience and expertise in the solar energy industry.

With 20 years of experience in the Australian solar market and a reputation for quality solar energy systems, they decided that Solargain was the right partner for them. The people of IKEA are experts in retail, customer experience and customer care, while we here at Solargain are specialists in solar technology, sales and installation. Together, we’re proud to be offering Australian’s all over the country affordable, quality solar energy systems.

How to get started

If you’d like to find out more about the SOLSTRÅLE offer, you can read more here. IKEA will be in touch in no time to get you started towards your own SOLSTRÅLE system, designed and installed by Solargain’s expert team.