Submitted by Jennifer.Delmarre on Mon, 17/04/2023 - 10:48
Make the Switch to Renewable Energy with Nectr Advertising Banner

Solargain is excited to announce our new partnership with Nectr, an award-winning 100% Carbon Neutral Electricity Provider dedicated to helping homeowners make the switch to renewable energy by offering innovative solutions that make Solar & Batteries more affordable & accessible. Through our partnership, Solargain customers can take advantage of Nectr's Interest-Free Green Loan, allowing the cost of Solargain systems to be spread over time without incurring any additional fees or charges. This makes it easier for homeowners to invest in a quality system without the large upfront cost, and start reaping the benefits of reduced energy bills today.

In addition to interest-free finance, Nectr also offers Solargain customers Locked-in electricity rates for 3-5 years! This means that Solargain customers can avoid the impact of electricity price hikes during this time, giving you peace of mind and certainty about your energy costs. With recent reports suggesting electricity prices will rise up to 30% this year, Nectr’s locked-in rates are particularly attractive for homeowners looking to keep energy bills under control and save money in the long term.

Nectr's electricity rates are competitive, transparent, and awarded by Canstar as ‘Outstanding Value’, giving customers confidence that they are getting a great deal. And as other electricity providers hike their prices over time, locked-in Nectr electricity rates will become even more outstanding value in comparison.

By partnering with Nectr, Solargain is able to offer customers a comprehensive renewable energy solution that includes 100% carbon neutral electricity, locked-in electricity rates, high-quality solar panels and batteries, and interest-free finance. We believe that this partnership will make it easier than ever for homeowners to join the solar & battery revolution!