Gippsland Solar Power

Searching for a Solar Power specialist local to the Gipplsand area? You can stop searching now as Solargain Gippsland has you covered! We are the experts in design and installation of Solar PV Solar Power systems, our team custom design the best renewable energy solution tailored to your needs.

Solargain Gippsland have dedicated in-house installation teams, paired with the expertise of Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers ensures each and every Solar Power solution is completed to the highest possible standard. We have installed Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, LED Lighting and Battery Storage solutions throughout the Gippsland area for over 10 years.

We stock an extensive range of only premium quality Solar Inverters from the leading Australian based manufacturers such as:

  • Fronius Primo Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • Fronius Symo Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • Fronius Symo Hybrid Solar Inverters
  • Fronius Galvo Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • SolarEdge HD-Wave Solar Inverters
  • SolarEdge 5kW Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • SMA Sunny Boy 3.0 - 5.0 Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • SMA Sunny Tripower Solar Grid Connect Inverters
  • Enphase Solar Grid Connect Micro Inverters

While selecting a high quality inverter is the most important thing to consider when choosing a solar power system, a top quality Teir 1 Solar Panel with an Australian based office is an obvious choice for the second most important. Solargain Gippsland take great pride in ensuring that only the best quality Solar Power panels are installed for our clients.

Solargain Gippsland range of Teir 1, Australian based solar power panel manufacturers include:

  • Jinko 270W Eagle Series Solar Power Panel
  • LG NeON 2 330W Solar Power Panel
  • LG NeON R 360W Solar Power Panel
  • Q Cells Q.Peak 305W Solar Power Panel
  • Q Cells Q.Plus 285W Solar Power Panel
  • Q Cells Q.Power-G5 270W Solar Power Panel
  • SunPower E20 327W Solar Power Panel

Solargain Gippsland is proud to offer the best Solar Power products, backed by Australian based manufacturers which ensures a speedy turnaround time for any after sales service that may be needed in the future. Researching Solar Power providers in Gippsland is the first step in achieving a top quality outcome for your renewable energy investment. After all, you are investing in your own future and the future generations ability to harness clean energy from the sun. Solargain Gippsland have installed and serviced thousands of customers throughout the region, we are local and provide responsive after sales services.

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