Monitoring your Sungrow inverter is the best way to capatlise on your solar savings, as it lets you figure out how to best optimise your energy usage throughout the day.

Sungrow offer the iSolarCloud monitoring platform, available for both mobile devices and home computers. If you would like to use the monitoring platform with your system, the first step will be the creation of an account and ensuring that your system is connected to your home WiFi, which is required to use it's monitoring capabilities. Refer to our guide on setting up your Sungrow system with your home WiFi for more information on this step.

Once setup, you will have full access to the Sungrow platforms monitoring capabilities. This app is designed to offer the most important figures at a glance, however, we recommend exploring the app and discovering its full capabilities. You can refer here for Sungrow's guide on all aspects of the app, or get in contact with our team for more information and support on 1300 73 93 55 or by filling out a contact form.