Inverter Features
Battery Ready Hybrid model
Specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimisers for higher energy yield
HD-Wave technology with record-breaking 99% efficiency and high reliability
Built-in WiFi + Smart Meter for online monitoring of Solar production + Home Energy Usage. Panel-level monitoring included
Country of Manufacture
System Size
3kW - 11.4kW
SingleSingle Phase
Product Warranty
12 years
Extended up to 25 years
Product Documents
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Product Brochure
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Produced by one of the most renowned inverter manufacturer's in the world, the SolarEdge Energy Hub provides an adaptable, modular home backup solution that comes equipped with some of the greatest efficiency and adaptability available in the market today. 

A high-efficiency solar inverter

Combining the performance of the HD-Wave series, with the StorEdge, this next generation inverter does it all: coming ready for battery and ev-charging, and is delivered already equipped with built-in energy monitoring functionality. The Energy Hub is a system flexible enough to meet the needs of all future homeowners.

Thanks to it's DC-coupled design, the Energy Hub allows for up to 200% oversizing, allowing for energy generation which would normally be lost in AC-coupled systems. This is perfect for battery system's as it allows for greater self-consumption habits, and enough energy production to supply your home through the day and well into the evening.

The Energy Hub is compatible with a bevy of different systems, operations and functions, allowing it to be, as the name implies, a central hub for all of your home's energy needs. It allows for battery power stacking for increased production levels, and is also generator compatible, for back up functionality. Not only that, but it's also preconfigured to connect with SolarEdge's Level 2 Smart EV charger, to let your Electric Vehicle drive on 100% sunshine.