JinkoSolar Solar Panels

First opening their doors and entering the solar energy industry back in 2006, JinkoSolar are one of the best known Chinese PV module manufacturers in the market today. With over 15,000 employees across 24 sales offices in 23 countries, JinkoSolar is also one of the top three largest PV manufacturers active today. 

JinkoSolar is very well respected and known as a Tier 1 solar module manufacturer, and they were the first Chinese manufacturer to receive the highly lauded Q+ Certification. They earned this due to their staunch commitment to quality and safety, putting all of their products through repeated and stringent quality control tests. For more than five years now, their modules have consistently earned top marks in all respects.

JinkoSolar panels are often used for premium solar installations, this is due not only to their heavy dedication to quality, but also their systems excellent efficiency, reliability and long-lasting performance.



JinkoSolar Tiger.png
Now available in Australia, the JinkoSolar Tiger modules are the company's most efficient panels to date. That is saying something, considering that JinkoSolar is a renowned and very well respected company in the field of solar modules and has been for more than a decade now.
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