Solar energy in Melbourne is being consumed at record levels as more Victorians choose solar power to electrify their homes and businesses.

As more property owners turn to solar energy in Melbourne and greater Victoria, they are naturally choosing Solargain for quality advice, installation and after sales service.

Solargain has provided solar energy in Melbourne for years and remains one of the only Australian solar companies to operate out of every state/territory it supplies.

Our Victorian office is located in Port Melbourne and houses a full range of solar PV and Melbourne solar hot water systems. Inside our dedicated Melbourne solar energy office, there’s a full team of solar power experts; from customer service representatives to solar power technicians – so you will always be covered!

Solar energy Melbourne – Choosing the right system

Australia has the highest solar radiation exposure per square metre of any continent in the world, and as a result we enjoy some of the best solar energy resources on the planet. However, it is important to remember that the sun does not shine evenly on our great sun-kissed country. The location of your property determines much about the solar power system you should install.

At Solargain, we don’t work with a ‘one size fits all approach’ and so when you come to us requesting solar power in your Melbourne home, we’ll make sure that you are fitted with the best system to suit your budget, lifestyle and geographic location.

More information on solar energy Melbourne

Browse our website and be sure to visit our Victorian-specific pages, where you can find helpful information about choosing the right system and how much you can save when you install solar power on your property.

Why Solargain?

If you’re looking for solar panels in Melbourne, you’ll probably notice that there are plenty of solar energy companies in Melbourne and Victoria competing for your business. Over the years that Solargain has operated, we’ve seen plenty of solar upstarts come and go.

The secret to our success is simple: High-quality Australian supported brands bought in bulk and delivered to you at an exceptional price. This, and of course outstanding service and complete accountability for our work, is what makes us Australia’s largest consolidated solar energy company today.

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