Who is Blueline Solar?

Established in Cairns in 2009, Blueline Solar Pty Ltd supplied a range of products for solar power systems until their business closed in 2016. They stocked equipment such as micro inverters, string inverters, panels and mounting hardware and sourced their products from overseas manufacturers (including SolarEdge and Eversolar) before rebranding themselves as Blueline products.

Their product line included:

  • Blueline AC micro inverters
  • Blueline MI string inverters; and
  • Blueline XT panels.

Many solar providers installed Blueline’s products including:

  • Capital Solar
  • ACT Renewable Energy
  • Genlux
  • United Renewable Energy
  • Combined Solar
  • Darwin Solar
  • Polaris Solar
  • Queensland Renewable Energy (QRE)
  • Australian Institute of Renewable Energy (AIRE)


In September 2014, a recall notice was issued by the Queensland Government due to safety concerns about one of the components used in Blueline’s solar installations. It was found that a DC isolator switch in the system could potentially overheat and lead to fires. Blueline Solar were made responsible for replacing the defective switches, however they closed their doors after being declared insolvent in March 2016.


What should I do if my Blueline inverter isn’t working properly?

Having gone into receivership, Blueline are no longer capable of fulfilling their warranty obligations. Thankfully we’re here to help! Regardless of who installed your system, we’ll service and repair any and all brands of solar inverters and products, including Blueline inverters.

For homeowners of problematic Blueline systems, we recommend you invest in an inverter health check. Get in touch with us to reserve your health check today.

During their visit, our qualified technician will:

  • Inspect your solar installation and identify any issues.
  • Repair any faults, where possible.
  • Complete a ‘like for like’ exchange of your inverter, if necessary.

We always bring along a replacement inverter as it is often more cost-effective to replace them than repair them. We can install a replacement inverter during that very same visit, saving you further expenses associated with a follow up visit. This cuts down on any further downtime for your inverter, so your system starts producing electricity again sooner.