Monitoring your SolarEdge inverter

SolarEdge may be set up online for your monitoring purposes, but, if not, one of the benefits of the SolarEdge system is that it has a physical inverter installed, which means production can also be checked the traditional way from the inverter following the below instructions.

Use this guide to get started!

Use the four user buttons to control the LCD panel menus: the first button (starting from the left-hand side) is the escape button, followed by Up, Down and, lastly, Enter. Use these buttons to navigate the menu.

Press the Down arrow three times to get to the “Energy Meter Status” screen which is the third screen in the menu. It will show the day/month/year and total figures of production.

The two easiest indicators are the 'Today' and 'Total' functions.

The Today figure refers to the amount of kilowatt hours your system has produced for the day. Since it is a daily reading, the best indication of production will be towards the end of the day, before the sun goes down. You can check this figure against the yield data provided as part of the signed quote.

The other important figure is the Total. It refers to the accumulative total of kilowatt hours produced since the system was installed.

To work out your average monthly production, simply record the difference between your 'Total' figure at the start and end of each month.


SolarEdge inverter service and repairs

If you encounter issues with your SolarEdge inverter of if it is due for service, give us a call on 1300 73 93 55 and we will be happy to attend to your repair or service needs.

Through their best-practice advice and quality work, our specialists will ensure your solar power system is back up and running as soon as possible.


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