We service and repair Sunna inverters!

Does your Sunna inverter need fixing or servicing? Call us for professional advice and efficient, quality repairs and to get your solar power system up and running again quickly.

  • Sunna 1500TL
  • Sunna 2000TL
  • Sunna 3000TL
  • Sunna 4000TL
  • Sunna 5000TL

If your inverter isn’t on this list contact us to find out what support we can provide.

Er22 Fault

An Er22 fault indicates a relay failure and is unlikely to be repairable, therefore we recommend that you replace your inverter.

However, even if the inverter is dead, it might still be repairable. Without any fault information, there’s no way of knowing where the issue comes from. However, if you get one of our solar technicians to come to your property and inspect your unit, we’ll be able to either repair or replace it.

Alternative Current Issues

Fault codes Er11, AL00, AL01, AL02 and AL03 suggest that the alternative current has passed outside your inverter’s acceptable safety range (eg. your grid voltage). Some meters will allow you to verify the voltage by scrolling down your power meter screen until you see a “U” appear on the left hand side. Shown on the right of this, your voltage should be less than or equal to 255V. If it is a permanent fault that does not fade over time, there might be damage to the internal fuse or AC board.


The Er10 error message means that the inverter is overheating due to a high ambient temperature. The manual recommends moving the inverter to a cooler place if possible. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Utility Issues

Errors AL08 and AL13 reflect utility issues. Troubleshoot these by first checking your solar supply switch, which is generally found in your main switchboard or sub-board. If the switch is on, the issue could be coming from one of your isolators. If the switch is turned off, it may imply a damaged internal fuse or AC board. These faults could also reveal a surge, so the issue might have been caused by a storm or blackout. With certain home insurance policies, this is even claimable. We can help you check if you’re eligible, and will write a statement for your insurance company, as part of our inverter health check.

Isolation Fault

Isolation Fault AL11 can signify that water has infiltrated the top box or another part of the system installation. If your screen shows this error, you should book a health check with a provision for a replacement.

Unlike many other solar companies, we’ve been around for over 10 years, so we have a solid knowledge base of Sunna inverters even though the company was placed into receivership several years ago. 

All our electricians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, and we were granted the ISO 9001 certification, proving our processes meet international quality and safety standards.

Our Sunna inverter service procedure is easy as 1-2-3:

  • We visit your property and check your inverter.
  • Then we source replacement parts and repair the faulty unit.
  • Finally, we recommend a new inverter if yours is not repairable or if it works out cheaper.

Our high-quality standards coupled with our deep understanding of Sunna products born from years of experience enable us to provide great, fast inverter repairs and servicing at reasonable prices.

Sunna inverters originally came with a five-year warranty. However, since the company has gone out of business, there has been no support for their products.

Even if Sunna isn’t around to assist you anymore, we at Solargain offer solar health assessments: if your unit is repairable, we will fix it during this site visit and, if it isn’t, we’ll offer you replacement options in order to get you up and running on the day.

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