Submitted by Nedjma.Loucif on Mon, 24/04/2017 - 11:09

Are you having trouble with your Aero-Sharp inverter? Is it displaying a Ground Fault error message?

What is a Ground Fault?

If your Aero-Sharp solar inverter develops a Ground Fault, there may be an issue with how the unit is earthed; however, this can be repaired. If we rule out a leaking earth, the earth fault may exist internally in the inverter, which means your inverter will need to be replaced.


Will my warranty or household insurance policy cover a Ground Fault?

Aero-Sharp inverters were installed in Australia between 2008 and 2011, before the company went into liquidation in 2012, and came with a five-year warranty. If your unit was installed by Solargain and needs to be replaced, we’ll check that it’s still covered by warranty and will honour it with an equivalent replacement. Please note that the manufacturer doesn’t cover the call-out fee for Solargain to carry out the replacement. It is unlikely that your household insurance policy will cover this type of fault.


What’s the best way of resolving a Ground Fault?

The first step to resolving a Ground Fault is to book an inverter health check with Solargain. Our team of qualified technicians will establish whether there’s an earthing issue that can be repaired, or if the unit needs replacing.

If your inverter is out of warranty or if it was installed by someone else, you’ll need to pay for a replacement inverter. We recommend you swap your faulty inverter for a Fronius Galvo inverter, particularly if you’re on a higher feed-in tariff, as it is the same size as your existing inverter.

To book your faulty unit in for an inverter health check, call Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 or simply contact us online.