SMA Inverter Faults

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SMA is a German brand of inverters usually coloured red but also blue, yellow and beige. They have been installed by Solargain from 2009 until present. Many models have now been discontinued such as the Sunny Boy 1100/1600/1700. SMA inverters initially came with a 5-year warranty with the option to extend it to 10 years.

Orion Inverter: DC INJ High Fault

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Uh oh! Has your Orion inverter stopped working? Is it displaying ‘DC INJ High’ fault? Read on.

What is a DC INJ High fault?

If your Orion inverter is telling you it has a DC INJ High fault, it’s possible that DC voltage is travelling through your inverter outside of tolerance limits. To prevent damage from occurring, your inverter will shut down.

Sharing the Sun

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Orion was a Taiwanese-manufactured inverter imported by an Australian wholesale company called Solar Energy Australia (SEA) as early as 2008 and installed by Solargain up until 2011. As they carried a 3- to 5-year warranty, they would now all require replacing.

Orion Inverter: Isolation Fault

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Has your Orion inverter developed an isolation fault? Wondering what to do next?

What is an isolation fault?

An isolation fault in your Orion inverter is a sign that your solar panels may not be properly isolated. If it only seems to happen after rain, it’s likely that water is triggering the fault. If the isolation fault occurs constantly, regardless of moisture in the environment, further investigation will be needed.

Latronics Inverter Service and Repairs

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Is your Latronics inverter faulty? Is the 75% light flashing and are the remaining lights off?

What does it mean if the 75% light is flashing?

If your Latronics inverter is displaying a 75% error, it may be having trouble connecting to the grid. Remember: if the 50% light is on solid while the 75% light is flashing, this is not a fault. It just means your inverter is on the cusp of 75% production.