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Has your Orion inverter stopped working? Is it displaying a ‘No Utility' fault?

What is a No Utility fault?

If your Orion inverter develops a ‘No Utility’ fault, it means there’s an issue with the AC (or grid) feed to your inverter. We recommend checking that the main solar supply switch in your switch board is on. It may well be that your isolators are the issue or that a fault has occurred in your switchboard. Booking a health check with Solargain will help to diagnose the fault. In the event common fixes do not rectify the issue, it’s likely your inverter will need to be replaced.


Will my warranty or household insurance policy cover a No Utility fault?

It’s highly likely that the warranty on your Orion inverter has already expired. However, depending on your individual insurance policy, you may be able to claim some of the costs associated with replacing your faulty inverter on your household insurance. If you need assistance submitting an insurance claim, Solargain can help.


What’s the best way of resolving a no utility fault in my Orion inverter?

Step one is to get in touch with Solargain to arrange a solar health check. Our technicians will diagnose the fault, and offer options for rectification. If the issue cannot be rectified, a replacement inverter can be brought to site and installed on the same day, eliminating the need for a second call-out fee. If this is the case, we recommend replacing faulty Orion inverters with a Growatt, Zeverlution or Fronius Galvo 2 inverter.

For more information about your No Utility fault or to book your inverter health check, contact Solargain on 1300 73 93 55 or get in touch with us online.


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