Solargain hot water systems use the sun’s unlimited FREE energy to provide up to 80% of your hot water and outperform the competition in efficiency using our unique and innovative solar collector design.

Solargain Hot Water - Australian Design

Solargain Hot Water utilises leading global solar hot water technology. With over 28 years of solar experience, you can rely on Solargain's extensive knowledge and industry expertise. 

Solargain is a leading provider and installer of solar energy solutions. Our quality design and processes, combined with our years of experience in the solar industry have enabled us to develop world-class solar hot water systems.

Water Heaters - Affordable Performance

Solargain's range of solar water heaters consist of high performance roof-mounted solar collectors, matched with high quality, technologically advanced hot water storage tanks. Available in two models, with three tank size choices and the option of the 6-star rated continuous gas boosters, solar water heating has never looked so good.


Highest Quality - Highest Performance

Our range of solar water heaters is so efficient that it attracts the highest government incentives to encourage Australians to take advantage of our uniquely abundant solar energy resource. 

Plus, the quality of our systems is second to none, which is why we offer a very attractive 5-year parts and labour warranty on our tanks and collectors. Combining high performance and an amazing lifespan, the benefits to your home and wallet are undeniable.

It costs nothing to speak to a solar hot water specialist.

Call us on 1300 73 93 55 to ask us any questions you may have about hot water for your home. We can send a fully qualified representative to your home for an obligation free assessment. Speak to an expert.


Solargain 'Roof Mount' Solar Hot Water system

Solargain’s roof mount solar water heaters are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof mounted solar collectors and storage tanks. These are ideal for areas that are short on available ground space. 

Roof mount systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps. Mains water flows into the storage tank and the solar collector, to be heated by the sun. As it travels through the advanced, high performance collector plate, the water absorbs available solar energy and is then returned to the storage tank for later use.

Solargain’s roof mount systems utilise 1 or 2 panel configurations depending on hot water requirements.

  • Single panel is best suited for small to medium hot water demand. The ideal size for areas exposed to high solar contribution or that have low hot water demand. Single panel systems allow for greater flexibility with tight roof space as the collector can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on requirements.
  • Double panel, meanwhile, is best suited to homes with medium to high hot water demand. With 4.0m² of collector absorption area, the Solargain double panel roof mount system can produce up to 80% of the average Australian household hot water usage. This system attracts some of the highest government incentives on the market.


Solargain 'Closed Loop' Solar Hot Water system

Arguably the most technologically advanced solar water heater on the Australian market today.

A wide surface heat exchanger is fitted inside the storage tank allowing an antifreeze heat transfer fluid to be added to both the solar collectors and the heat exchanger. 

The fluid is then introduced to the solar collectors to be heated. As it travels through the advanced, high performance collector plate, the fluid absorbs the available solar energy and returns to the heat exchanger, where the collected solar energy is transferred into the stored water. 

The ingenious design of this solar hot water system enables Solargain’s 'closed loop' solar water heaters to be installed in both harsh frost areas, as well as hard water areas. Indeed, the design of these amazing solar water heaters is such that they can be installed anywhere, with no water supply warnings, or warranty exemptions for frost damage. They are as flexible as you can get with solar hot water systems, able to operate regardless of climate and cold.

Aesthetically pleasing design, no more tank on the roof

Solargain 'ground mount' solar water heaters combine our high performance roof mounted solar collectors with high quality, technologically advanced ground mounted hot water storage tanks. Available in both flat panel and evacuated tube systems, with various tank size choices, a split solar hot water system will bolster your savings, reduce your impact on the environment, all without impacting the aesthetics of your home.


Never Ending Steaming Hot Water 24/7 - with Solargain Solar/Gas Heaters

When you choose to fit a 6 star-rated continuous flow gas water heater as the 'booster' for your new solar hot water system, you'll have never-ending hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Super Performance

The key to Solargain's legendary performance and efficiency lies in our unique solar collector design. Such are the performance characteristics of Solargain's solar collectors, that our larger solar collection area and ultrasonically welded all copper construction are twice as efficient as the aluminium and steel black paint collectors used by a leading competitor. For larger families or those wishing to obtain maximum solar efficiency, Solargain is also able to provide systems with 2 or 3 solar collectors.


Solargain Hot Water Product Specifications

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